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Topic: Pro Football Focus Grades: Pitt at Tennessee

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Pro Football Focus Grades: Pitt at Tennessee
« on: September 12, 2021, 10:53:06 AM »

This isn't an opinion this is how football players get graded.  Doesn't look good for the coaches decision on who he is starting in key positions and there is no bias in the grading it's done on the players on field performance.

The quarterbacks, a couple of WR and some OL grade out as replaceable. 


Here’s how PFF works, the company grades each player on every play from a scale of negative two to two in 0.5 increments. Here’s how the company defines the benefits of their grading system.

“Taking every play into consideration allows for a larger sample size of data to tell the proper story rather than just a highlight reel of plays that we tend to remember, for better or worse. We also work to eliminate bias by not caring about the level of player who is being graded, so whether it’s the best tackle in the league missing a block or one of the worst, the same grade is given. Preconceived level of ability has no impact on the grading system. This style has worked well in unlocking undervalued gems through the years, while also not being swayed by player hype if it is undeserved.”

Each game players are graded on a scale from 1-100. 90-100 represents an elite grade, 85-89 represents an all-conference player, 70-84 is starter quality, 60-69 is backup quality and everything under 60 is replaceable.

TE Princeton Fant — 72.3 (37 plays)

TE Jacob Warren — 66.9 (39 plays)

RB Jaylen Wright — 66.8 (47 plays)

WR Jimmy Calloway — 62.5 (50 plays)

RT Cade Mays — 61.7 (74 plays)

RB Jabari Small — 60.3 (27 plays)

LT Darnell Wright — 55.9 (74 plays)

QB Joe Milton — 53.7 (30 plays)

QB Hendon Hooker — 53.7 (44 plays)

C Jerome Carvin — 53.6 (74 plays)

WR Cedric Tillman — 52.3 (66 plays)

OG Kingston Harris — 51.1 (61 plays)

WR JaVonta Payton — 49.6 (63 plays)

OG Javontez Spraggins — 40.9 (74 plays)


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