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Topic: Cutting the Cord 2021

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Cutting the Cord 2021
« on: January 01, 2021, 01:12:52 PM »
The cord cutting landscape has changed a lot in the past year.  I had to dump AT&T as they eliminated AT&T TV Now.  I could keep what I had but at a higher price.  There streaming package now is HBO Max or ATT TV which is offered on a 2 year contract basis.
Since CFB is really the only sport I care about, I didn't subscribe to anything for spring and summer.  As football season rolled around I looked for a new package.  At the time, the only ones that gave a comprehensive sports package that included the locals were Hulu and YouTube TV and Hulu was about $10 per month cheaper.  As it turned out, the Hulu package had ads, really annoying ads.  I found I could turn most of them off by paying another $5/month.  Then both Hulu and YouTube raised their prices to about $75/month.  I switched to YouTube and I like it better than Hulu.  I'll turn it off at the end of January and I'll sign up again next football season.
Streaming has really become like the old cable packages but the big advantage of streaming is the ability to cancel/restart at any time.  For half the year, I don't have a TV bill.  I still have Amazon Prime so I get Prime Video along with a lot of free books and music.  If Netflix has something I want to see, I'll subscribe/cancel as I need.
The biggest downer I see is Disney now owning both ESPN & Fox Sports channels.  I really expect them to make some kind of bundle that will make sports even more expensive.


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