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Topic: And the Badgers Shall Bring the Thunder - SOC 9/21

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Re: And the Badgers Shall Bring the Thunder - SOC 9/21
« Reply #280 on: September 26, 2019, 04:31:10 PM »
These days?  Not much, I guess.

I understand the distinctions you're trying to make, I just don't believe a sentence like "Well that drive consisted of 4 series and covered 57 yards, ending in a missed field goal" has much purpose or makes much sense. People wouldn't be clear that a "series" was taking the meaning of "a set of downs."  This is probably why nobody says it that way, anyway.

Instead you'll hear, "Well that drive consisted of 13 plays, with 3 first downs, covered 57 yards and ended with a missed field goal."  The latter makes more sense,  contains more specificity, and paints a clearer picture of what happened.  At least IMO.  *shrug*
I've never head any announcer put it that way, any more than I've heard an announcer say how many footsteps a 50-yard run took.
A footstep is nevertheless different from a run.
This discussion of the meaning of "series" came about because of the suggestion that players should be suspended for a series.  If the reg were written that way, apparently there would have to be clarification about what that meant.  "Possession" would be clear, but some knuckleheads would think that "series" meant was the same thing.
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Re: And the Badgers Shall Bring the Thunder - SOC 9/21
« Reply #281 on: September 27, 2019, 10:16:04 AM »
A possession may be the better term, but I personally view that as a series.  It gets a bit wanky if a player intercepts a ball and then fumbles it back perhaps, I 'd consider that a change of posses (x2) and new series.


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