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Topic: wReckless Predictions Week One

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wReckless Predictions Week One
« on: August 31, 2018, 11:16:05 AM »
Finally Here!!!!
...and there are four you gotta watch.  Four losers will be firmly behind the eight ball for the rest of the season after this weeks games.

Washington @ Auburn

Both of these teams are hungry and this game could go either way.  There is a metric proposed concerning time zones.  The adage states "4 zones are worth 10 points".   This game is in Atlanta, which may as well be a home game for Auburn, and it's literally across the entire field from Washington's home base in Seattle... I don't know if the geographically north/south desparity plays a role, as nobody has ever mentioned it to me... but I'll tell you what does: the north/south personalities that will be in that stadium.  Seattle may consider itself 'big time', but insofar as football goes, they are stepping into the church, where the game is worshiped.
All this amounts to- not a lot.  Washington is good.  They are SEC good, and yes, they are Auburn good.  They win this game.  They ain't going to win it because they're so much better, though, they're going to win it because Auburn sputters like a Ford Model T in the morning at the season's start.
boldly said, Washington 38... Auburn 28.

Michigan @ Notre Dame

Who really, I mean really knows what to expect from these guys?  There are a few who purport to know, but honestly I'm thinking they're full of shit.   Neither of these teams have demonstrated cause for being rated so highly.    But.  The teams above them pretty much have, and the teams below them have as well.  I guess through some formula and application of process of elimination, they're stacked about where they're supposed to be.  I guess.  What I do know is this game has impact later in the season for not only both teams but those surrounding them.  That makes it valuable.
wild guess, Michigan 44... Notre Dame 17 late points. Check that... Michigan will shut down the gold globe.  They don't even need to break an offensive sweat.
Michigan 31.... Notre Dame 10.

Miami @ LSU

Miami is cocky.  This usually has no bearing or indication of skill level but in this instance it's warranted.   LSU is led by a dude I just don't understand.  I mean I understand his philosophy on the field and have regard for the loyalty he elicits from players, but what I don't understand is whatever it is he's saying when he talks.  I like hearing him talk, though.  It tickles the crap out of me.  "HABUBADOWHAHU e-owe boBByBuche Ahwhatitcoulda fooball."... just nod your head.
Miami has some sneaky ass blitz packages they run.  I was marveling at them on film last week from last season.  If LSU attempts anything in the pocket, they're going to be pressed.  Miami also has a stout DLine which should match well against LSU's OLine, keeping lanes in check.  This is going to be a street fight, old school style, and possibly one of the more exciting games on the first round front nine of the season.
"WTF am I thinking prediction" is a close game and a lot of smack talk, and that damn necklace playing a factor in who wins.  Miami 30 LSU 28.

FAU @ Oklahoma

The years first significant upset will be owned by the man-child Lame Kitten as they snatch a chunk off the schooner and make a break back for the coast.   You heard it here.
no kidding prediction:  FAU 44  OU 35


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Re: wReckless Predictions Week One
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2018, 09:24:27 AM »
it pains me to be SOoooo RIGHT all the time.  Four of Four.  Seriously.  Who can compare? WoW!!!!



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