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Topic: wReckless Picks; week 2

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wReckless Picks; week 2
« on: September 04, 2018, 03:26:44 PM »

Seeing as how week one's prediction's were such a smashing success, and so totally accurate,  methinks this shall continue into week two- or until I miss one.  <ahem>.
Officially for the season: 0 for 4.

UCLA @ Oklahoma
I've never been to Spain...  But I've been to Oklahoma.  They say the offense is insane there... and defense play's a little football.  The Bruins visit on the eighth, under the sun at thirteenhundred.  They can't win it- shouldn't begin it... why does it matter?
Ol' Chippy the Kelly had a rough opener.  Is Cincy anywhere near that good? NO say's I!!!  Yeah, they're better than my Vols, but that was a jerk move bringing them into the conversation... ya jerk.   It turns out Lame Kitten couldn't do a thing with those Sooner's and Kelly was fully tasked by just bearcats.  This one is a no brainer and a plain ol' arse whoopin inbound... Sorry for the Three Dog Night song I lodged in your head... I only chose it because it's apparent I totally dissed OU last week, and when they obviously haven't missed a beat from last season and the departures.
pretty close to accurate prediction: Oklahoma- 55; UCLA- 17

Georgia at South Carolina
This is the first of three significant in-conference tests for the Dawgs-  'Cocks, Gator's, and War Eagle's.  As much as I like UGA and their complete team this year, they are about to be tested by the sneakiest team in the SEC this season by my reckoning.  Straight up: I can hardly tolerate Miss-a-Champ, but... He knows how to stir controversy and he knows how to motivate his teams with good ol' fashioned aggression.  I still think UGA wins, but I think it will be one of their ugliest outings for the entire season.  they're likely in a four quarter game...
35 Georgia; 24 USCe

Clemson @ Texas A&M
Jimbo and Dabo go way back.... They've never played against each other as head coaches in College Station, home of the 12th man, y'all.   Clemson doesn't seem to step off under Dabo, and the routing they put on poor Coastal Carolina kinda underscores that once again.  But... aTm ain't Coastal Carolina.
This one should be interesting for all of three quarters before Clemson opens up the arsenal.
42 Clemson;  17 Texas A&M

USCw @ Stanford
Does the PAC matter yet?  Washington lost.  I didn't expect that, even though I figured Auburn would test them.  There are two more shots for the PAC, and it's one of these two teams.
USCw stumbled around for more than a half before they found their footing, and that was with the Rebs of UNLV.  It could be argued "it's the first game, yo!" and teams need to get over themselves for a while before we see what they're all about.  Truth is, Stanford also goobered around until the third- when they finally put the Aztec's away.  So.  I really don't know what either of these teams are about, but realize the importance of this game all the same.
I like both teams.  I'm thinking the backfield of Stanford is the difference, and I'm thinking this will resemble an old school SEC bout more than it will a PAC runnin-score exhibition.
no clue what I'm talking about USCw 20; Stanford 35
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