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Topic: Modeling the Best Scenario… For Competition’s Sake

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Modeling the Best Scenario… For Competition’s Sake
« on: November 28, 2018, 09:31:04 AM »

‘Eff the Irish.  They are the most undeserved team to walk into the playoff since its inception.  All they have to do is navigate through a patsy schedule of carefully selected opponents while spreading the pseudo ‘tough’ games out so they don’t pile up on them.   Not being aligned to a conference and carrying the weight of ‘privilege’ like a Brown Bear's fat arse tearing through Alaskan underbrush after prey much less it’s size they have remained undefeated.  Our only hope is they are humiliated and shamed, forcing people to reevaluate their status as a P5 and instead recognizing them as the mid-major they are… 

There is a place for G5 teams in the dance- and it should belong to Central Florida.  It’s without fortune they wouldn’t be able to compete even if they were allowed after losing Milton to an ugly injury.  He is the heart and soul, and though they’d still beat the likes of ND without him, they’d be crushed by any of the giants remaining in contention.
Clemson is undefeated and though they like to flirt with lessor teams from time to time, that is more there as just a reminder that they don’t have the swagger of a dynasty… yet.   Weird, yeah, but when the chips are down they pull everything out of the armory and deploy it.  They have a minor tune up remaining in the ACC Championship Game… This is a game I won’t bother watching. 
Alabama is a giant among giants.  This team, in some strange form of chorus line or reverb that happens Every. Single. Year.  Is the best team Saban has fielded by my measure.  There is but one team that can cause them consternation, and as it is they play them this weekend in the true National Championship Game.   If there is some strange anomaly detected in the force this weekend, UGA may pull it off which would almost ensure a rematch of last season’s final game.  I’m thinking this won’t happen under any circumstance, and I’m thinking that is in no small part to human’s on the committee.
So far, the only real bitch about the four on top now is with the Irish, and that won’t change it is without fortune.
Oklahoma always seems to luck out.  Stoops is no longer a factor, so that theory was squashed.  So, what is their formula?  Legacy?  Helmet factor?  Whatever it is, they continue to march in even with a loss to a Texas team that came in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Considering they will jump over Georgia with an almost certain Georgia loss this weekend demonstrates the futility of ranking systems that Bama squats over.  Georgia’s only loss (projected) will be to #1 late in the season.  OU lost to Texas in a rivalry and a shootout.  There is hope, still.  Texas can do it again.  This will open the door NOT for ‘dem Dawgs, but for tOSU… 

Meyer the crier is leading the #6 team in the nation into Indy this weekend to play the Wildcats of Northwestern.   It isn’t going to be a riveting event, most likely, but then again nobody expected the Boilermakers to slap the crap out of them in late October, either.  Well – that isn’t so.  Some folks realized Purdue was a bad match on a strangely lost OSU team and sniffed out a possible upset.   Now, however, tOSU suffers no crisis of identity.  They'll braze the field with ease leaving silver solder and traces of garnet all over the place...like some ludicrous slug cruised by and over top of some warm blooded critter in the process.  Does this offer them advantage for skipping over a one loss UGA who lost to #1?  Well… Yes.  UGA will have their shot to be a conference champion.  It’s either theirs or it’s not, and that’ll happen this weekend rightfully so.  

And that is what this is all about.  ‘Rightfully So’. 

Rightfully So, and specifically because this sport is about tradition and legacy, there ‘should’ be a representative from the major conferences.  The PAC did it to themselves, as usual, so they’re out. The B1G and the BigXII will have their say and state their case.  ND will be there, one way or another, and will represent the old guard and offer contrast to what was and what is.  Then there will be a deserving ACC team.  All the while there will be a giant presiding- in the form of a Crimson Pachyderm, who will represent the ‘best ever’ perhaps, but will represent the best over the last decade certainly.
What we have here is a pure tradition.   It should make any old geezer happy to see the helmets collide who were the usual suspects in days bygone.  It should also excite recent students of the game as any of these teams can put on a seminar on how it’s done.  Mostly, though, this is an opportunity for generations to embrace as we witness the minutia on how and why we see the same programs over and over. 

Dicussion’s in the CFB51 forum. 


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