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Topic: Game Week 2

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Game Week 2
« on: September 06, 2019, 10:27:34 AM »
bama vs new mex st - i know what everyone is thinking, but there is no way nms beats bama by anymore than 54. bama opened as an underdog for the first time in i can't remember. gonna be a tough one, but i got bama pulling the upset and winning outright.

edit: hit post too soon, oops. here's the rest (who care anyway, right?):

Mizz vs wvu - this could be a really good game noone seems to be talking about. maybe it's because it could be a good game for the wrong reasons. i got wvu in this one.

usc vs charlston southern - usc with an easy bounce back win.

vandy @ purdue - another good one for maybe the wrong reasons, except i actually like both teams this year. got vandy in the upset.

aTm @ clemson - finally a game everyone is talking about which deserves it. don't think aTm sneaks up on clemson this year, and i doubt mond can have the same game, especially away from home. but clemson did look vulnerable in week 1. clemson wins convincingly, but not dominatingly.

msu vs so miss - msu should win this one comfortably, right? right msu? don't blow this msu, we need more cowbells.

uga vs murray st - much like bama, i got uga sneaking out a close win here, something like 50-3.

tenn vs byu - just... damn. tenn might start 1-6 if they don't win this one. unfortunately, i got the cougs taking advantage of the young guys in tenn.

lsu @ texas - now this is the game to watch. should be fantastic. is lsu's offense really good, or just 'home game vs really bad team' good? texas has a good d (for a big12 d, lol, SEC SEC...) but seriously, it's a pretty good d. but is texas really back... again? no, for real this time? i got lsu in a really good game. and the answer to both questions is yes, imo.

au vs tulane - a good sec matchup to start off conf... tulane's not in sec? they are for me. au rolls, but gus still finds a way to divide his fanbase.

uf vs ut martin - uf looks abismal again in a win, but starts to quietly get things figured out before sec schedule.

uk vs east mich - uk dominates, setting tone for next weeks showdown vs uf.

arky @ ole miss - who the hell knows? this is mizz/wvu, except sec teams. who ever loses might go 0-fer sec this year. hope it's ole miss.
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Re: Game Week 2
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2019, 05:43:58 PM »
Mizz vs wvu - Indeed, nobody is talking about it... and I agree, this should be a great game. I'll take Mizz but very shaky. 

vandy @ purdue - I think Purdue takes this one but Vandy shows well. 

aTm @ clemson - If this was in College Station, I'd take the Aggies all day long... as is, I like CU by 7. 

msu vs so miss - MSU wins a tight one. 

tenn vs byu - I'll take the Vols simply because I can't believe they'd perform like last week twice in a row. Already have nothing to lose... empty the playbook. 

lsu @ texas - prepare for war! No idea who wins this game but if this isn't the game of the week, I'll be shocked. My coin says LSU by a deuce. 

AU vs tulane - Auburn wins while auditioning RB2s... but I'm not sure they cover. Tulane is very good, especially along the DL. 

arky @ ole miss - I'm very interested in this game. I think it's a hinge game for both coaching staffs. I won't be stunned if the second half turns into lots of points. Gimme the Rebs, simply for the better defense. 

Bama, UGA, UF, UK, and USC all cover and clobber their opponents. 


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Re: Game Week 2
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2019, 05:59:57 PM »
Everyone at the Arkansas-Ole Miss game is a true football fan.  Ick.
“The Swamp is where Gators live.  We feel comfortable there, but we hope our opponents feel tentative. A swamp is hot and sticky and can be dangerous." - Steve Spurrier


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Re: Game Week 2
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2019, 06:44:53 PM »
Ugh. I didn’t expect A&M to win and we’ve been hanging in on defense but Mond and the offense have been atrocious. Seriously I’ve never understood how he got so pumped up before the season. He’s not a great passer or runner. In fact, he usually doesn’t get above a 60% completion rate. 


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