Incognito in police custody for conduct, threats

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Former NFL offensive lineman Richie Incognito was in police custody Tuesday on charges of disorderly conduct and making threats, a spokesperson for the Scottsdale, Arizona, police department said.

Police were expected to release further details later Tuesday about Incognito’s arrest. This is the second time he has been in police custody since being released from the Buffalo Bills‘ retired list in May.

Two days after being released by the Bills, Incognito was taken into custody after a disturbance at a Boca Raton, Florida, gym during which police believed Incognito to be in an “altered, paranoid state.” An incident report obtained by ESPN said Incognito threw items at gym employees and patrons, and “believed ordinary citizens were government officials that were tracking and recording him.”

Under Florida’s Baker Act, Incognito was not arrested but was taken by Boca Raton police for an involuntary psychiatric commitment for people seen as a danger to themselves or others.

Incognito, 35, told The Associated Press in June that he was back home training in Arizona after spending three days in a mental hospital. He told TMZ Sports earlier this month that he had received calls from the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks, but Vikings coach Mike Zimmer later called that “totally false.”

After calling Zimmer a “liar” in a profanity-laced tweet, Incognito later tweeted an apology to Zimmer.

The controversial offensive lineman was at the center of an investigation into the bullying of former Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin in 2013, which led to a three-month suspension for Incognito. In July, Incognito was named the “first national ambassador” of Boo2Bullying, a nonprofit, anti-bullying organization based in Los Angeles.

ESPN’s Courtney Cronin contributed to this report.

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