This is a special section within our CFB51 community that is offered with intent for Student Athletes at the High School or Junior College level to socialize themselves with the world. Below you will find threads for each participant, which is free of any kind of charge, and is likewise for the (public) audience. We offer this as a Public Service, but it will require membership and agreeing to the terms of use while registering with the site.

Please Read Here before Adding Your Profile.

Player Prospect Locator. Post up your resume where both fans and insiders can evaluate and ~react~

This is a free opportunity to get yourself some exposure. We don't make a penny or expect any kind of payment- it's about YOU and your portfolio and a chance to be seen by some pretty heavy hitters in the game.

Anyone is welcomed and encouraged to join our FREE site and to take part in our community- a community with you- the user, the fan, -and the person- will be protected from intrusive actions and with a clean place to interact.


Topic: Expectations of Conduct for Using This Board

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Expectations of Conduct for Using This Board
« on: February 11, 2019, 09:42:49 PM »
Information found in the below threads are expected to be completely authored *by the athlete or someone authorized by the athlete to represent them- such as a Coach or a Guardian.  There is zero implied or actual ‘professional services’ offered by using this board.  The intent is more described as:

  • An Opportunity of leveraging CFB51’s web presence to socialize your potential to the world. “You pitch yourself- we’ll share it to a wide audience- content is your choosing”
  • Opportunity for members of the CFB51 Fan Site Community to evaluate your offering and offer opinions of your prospect.
  • Opportunity for prospective Schools to see your ‘resume’ and determine your ‘fit’ with their program.

Within the constraints of decency maintained by CFB51 moderators, you are welcome to share whatever information you choose.   Once you’ve posted it, it is available to the world.  It is for this reason we caution you to consider NOT posting direct contact information, but instead to rely on the site for communication with the potential of interested parties via Private Messaging.   Insofar as these private conversations are concerned, **they are of no interest or value monetarily, informational, or otherwise to CFB51- it is simply part of our Community Service that we involve ourselves and communication remains private between the poster and those contacting them.
We also advise the ‘Model  Post’, which is ‘sticky’ to the top of the board, be utilized as a kind of ‘form’ for your own post.  The importance is to get your data out quickly and let the ‘life’ of the thread allow interjection of more ‘information through interaction’ with the CFB51 Community. 

What we would most like to see by offering this service, is for players from communities often overlooked to be able to post and share their 'profiles', along with video's, commentary by 'references', and follow-up as statistics build.  We've put forth extreme effort to notify literally hundreds of Athletic Departments across the nation from the highest tier programs of FBS to lower tier programs of FCS.  

We'll also, upon request, draft and publish articles that will be dispensed throughout our network of publishers, which also ensures your profile will have 'eyes on'.  So, write it well- expect some constructive criticism- Enjoy our Community.  

The way we see it and the way we're approaching, YOU may be "Missing Stars", but we intend to get you publicity anyway.  

*we expect the information provided via posting to be authored by either the Athlete themselves, by a Guardian, or by their Coach.  If it is discovered the posting is NOT by one of these three entities, the post will be promptly removed and the IP blocked from further access.

**CFB51 does not, will not, and will destroy with extreme prejudice any attempt to commercialize or exploit the Public Service we offer here.  This service is expected to be plainly understood as leveraging an internet presence of CFB51 for the advancement of individual, non-commercialized, and/or private persons and to allow users of the site to evaluate contents freely offered, and socialize the ‘prospect’ with potential interested parties.
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