overhaul complete- welcome to v3, the 2019 version
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Topic: overhaul complete- welcome to v3, the 2019 version

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overhaul complete- welcome to v3, the 2019 version
« on: February 04, 2019, 07:44:05 PM »
again, hold shift punch refresh if you haven't lately.  

this time i know a little bit more than i did before.. this time the mobile version is SOLID and it is fully responsive.  And, this time i'm focussed on speed while also reintroducing some things from v1 (the rotating image at the top). 

i'm happy with it- and hope y'all are too.  

here are the sites scores using googles 'pagespeed'... this is a comparison test- meaning the score is compared to other sites across the web.  we're pretty tight here.  images one and two below.  

the third is from a website grader- and... we're pretty tight there too- the shots on performance are because of the adverts which are something i don't control.  

we're talking SEC speed, B1G smarts, and PAC glory cookin' like the BigXii with ACC prestige... yup.  I'm happy with it.  

PLEASE let me know what else needs to be done... 

@ftbobs : guess what time it is, sir?!?!?! LET'S GET COOKIN!!!!


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