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Topic: Remaining Undefeated Teams Before Week 4

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Remaining Undefeated Teams Before Week 4
« on: September 20, 2021, 01:58:17 AM »
Teams with first loss week 3:
Central Florida
South Carolina
New Mexico
Virginia Tech
Arizona State
Mississippi State
Air Force

Maximum number of Undefeated Teams at the End of the Regular Season:
12: Nine of the ten conference champs, plus Notre Dame, BYU and one of Liberty/Army

Teams with 1st loss:
Week 0 and 1: 41.53% (54 of 130)
Week 2: 34.21% (26 of 76)
Week 3: 32% (16 of 50)

Week 2 Thoughts:
-ACC I think is the conference on the most narrow footing of the major conferences right now. Pitt, Virginia, and Virginia Tech all lost leaving just Boston College and Wake Forest undefeated (both long shots for CFP). Clemson is certainly still in it and fairly high on betting odds, but did not inspire confidence in their win vs. Georgia Tech. If they lose 1 more before getting things together, I think the ACC will need some help to get in.

-PAC-12 is in a similar boat, but the Oregon win over Ohio State really helps. Without that, you would be looking at no undefeated teams and conference play starting in a conference with what might be a fairly even top.

-Fairly good week for Big Ten with the Penn State Auburn win, Michigan looking like Michigan again for once, and Minnesota beating a Colorado team who took Texas A&M to the wire. On the flip side, Ohio State looking very beatable and Iowa much less impressive than before.

-Alabama is still Alabama, but Florida looked good in the loss. Could very easily see them beating Georgia and getting to Atlanta.

-Both Cincinnati and BYU need to be at least mentioned in the CFP race now. UC won at Indiana this week and has 2 weeks before Notre Dame. Win that and they'll get a lot of respect and there will be a push to keep them higher as others lose. They need help for sure, but much more on a serious challenger for possibility than last year. BYU meanwhile has 3 PAC-12 wins. They will play 5 PAC-12 teams this year (better than half a conference schedule).

-Boise State's lose leaves them effectively out of NY6 race unless there is a 2 loss team in American too. Mountain West is still very much in this race though. American likely still has the edge with Cincinnati. Conference USA and Sun Belt likely need one of their remaining undefeated teams (UTSA, Coastal Carolina or South Alabama) to win to be seriously in race (or have a team with a major win), but too early to say much for sure.

Week 4 Thoughts:
-Will try to add the 1-loss and winless columns before too long.

-We have 5 games between undefeated teams this week.

Undefeated SMU @ Undefeated TCU: Long time nearby rivalry. SMU is one American would really like to do well (one of bigger schools not leaving conference).

Undefeated Texas A&M vs. Undefeated Arkansas: Neutral site, old Southwestern rivals.

Undefeated Rutgers @ Undefeated Michigan: Michigan has looked more like its old self. Will that continue?

Undefeated UTSA @ Undefeated Memphis: Last undefeated Conference USA team. A win would be huge for conference vs. American. On flip side, again American would like the teams remaining to be doing best, so very much rooting for Memphis.

Undefeated Kansas State @ Undefeated Oklahoma State: An old Big 8 game.

Undefeated Notre Dame @ 1-loss Wisconsin: Irish have been shaky, but are undefeated. Wisconsin started with disappointing first game loss to Penn State in game they arguably out played them. Big for both schools. On another level, Cincinnati ideally wants Notre Dame doing well if they want a chance at CFP bowl.

1-loss Clemson @ 1-loss North Carolina State: Big game for Clemson here. North Carolina State is good enough to win and Clemson has not been light out at all. Clemson has to win out now in all likelihood for chance at CFP.

Remaining Undefeated Teams: ACC: 2, American: 3, Big 12: 6, Big Ten: 6, Conference USA: 1, Mountain West: 3, PAC-12: 1, SEC: 6, Sun Belt: 2, independents: 4, total: 34
Boston College
Wake Forest
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Texas A&M
Texas Tech
Michigan State
Penn State
Southern Methodist
Brigham Young
San Diego State
Texas Christian
Utah State
Notre Dame
South Alabama
Coastal Carolina


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