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Topic: howdy folks....

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howdy folks....
« on: August 27, 2018, 05:10:03 PM »
start of a new season is here!!!

the webpage has underwent some changes.  as you know the server was migrated about a month ago.  the old server goes offline in a couple days.  this site has been sharing resources of the old and the new server for the past few weeks, but should be totally over on the new one in the next few hours or a day at the latest.  

because of this, there are some files that were left behind on the old one i have to reconstruct- and i'm doing so... and i'm trying to make them better.  by better i mean cleaner and faster and with a lot less clutter... i was so anxious to get this place started last year that i put a lot of bandaides on stuff and moved to the next just so it would work... well, those bandaides are being replaced with solid working code.  hopefully a few of the bugs we've known about will disappear when this happens. 

long/short:  if you see changes (as i'm sure some have noticed over the last week or so) and if the place goes goofy looking, don't worry.. i just found a bug and i'm replacing it.  

by beginning of season this joint will be solid as a rock and humming along, and i won't change a thing once that happens... i just gotta get there first!

bear with me for next couple days. 


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