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Topic: Week 2: Condition of the SEC... an Idiot's Perspective

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Week 2: Condition of the SEC... an Idiot's Perspective
« on: September 08, 2018, 11:54:34 PM »

Week two was supposed to be relatively quiet, and it was for the casual observer.   We learned a lot of things today, and like a good movie plot we have subtle foreshadowing that will come into play soon.
Georgia is the leader in the East, and it isn't even close.  It is always possible they may slip up somewhere, but it's pretty obvious at this early point any loss from the east will be Georgia's 'doing it to themselves' far more than anyone standing them down.
Second fiddle is up for grabs.   Mizzou is in play, as is UK.   UF is a rough and tumble team who refuses to lay down and cloaks their trouble with execution by playing physical.  USCe likely dropped out of contention, but they can most certainly dash other's dreams while laying it wait and hope for Oogah to poop in the house.   Don't write Mizzou off- Lock just tied 4+ TD games for a Mizzou QB record.  He's real.  UT has tons of work to do, and it starts with both lines.  They're bad- they are real bad.
It's Georgia, though, who will reign.  Week two, and it's all but settled.
What an ending to that UK/UF game, huh?  I can't say I've ever seen a QB lose the ball yet be able to literally punch it forward giving the appearance of a forward pass.  An eleven point win that went to the wire.  It wouldn't be UK/UF without some theatrics.
The only thing noteworthy about Bama this week is the fact Hurts was on the field as much as he was, and though it didn't (I don't think) ruin his opportunity to redshirt+transfer it certainly put toes on that line.
There is some opportunity to challenge Bama, but it will likely be one of those conditions where they field flat and another team plays lights out.
Auburn tore up a scrub, as did LSU.  Ole Miss- wouldn't it be something if they can score like that against one of those other three?  They let a team of little note hang out for a long time, tit-for-tat up until low forties were balanced on the board- and then what?  Kaboom?  Seventy seven points is impressive, period.   Cowbells handled KSU in Manhattan, and though it appears they're on an upward trajectory, they aren't in the same class as Bama/Auburn.
Taking what I think I know and tossing it in the blender, right now I'd wager the East winds up:
UGA>>>USCe, Mizzou>>UK>>UF>>>UT, Vandy
And the West shakes down to:
Bama>Auburn>>LSU, aTm,MSU>>Ole Miss>>>Arkansas
A bit of dessert:
The SEC may be the act to follow insofar as predicting the ultimate National Champion favorite, and the obvious (and sexy) choices are either Bama or Georgia.   However, there are teams playing just as tough schedules elsewhere nowadays, and they have opportunity to shake things up.  tOSU is the truth with or without Meyer.  Wiscy starts slow, but they are righteous as well.  Oklahoma and WVU have clear shots.  It's Clemson's to lose and VT has an open window to break in the mix.  Washington may have self inflicted harm on themselves against Auburn, but they still have outside chance and Stanford out there in WestWorld (still playing USCw as of this posting) is in control of their own destiny with opportunity.
^There are eleven teams in bold.  The final four standing in January are in that list- I'd wager a lot on that- and it's only week two.
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