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Topic: My take on last night as an outside

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My take on last night as an outside
« on: October 06, 2019, 10:21:18 AM »
1.  I saw enthusiasm, sparked obviously by the early long TD pass and then the 14-10 lead.  And it really didn't diminish much as things went south.  The Dawgs caught a few breaks late in the half, it could easily have been closer.

2.  Mauer should be the started obviously, I hope he's OK.  He throws a dandy pass.  He's going to be confused at times by SEC defenses of course, it happens.  

3.  The defense was decent, some short yardage stops, but no pressure on Fromm.  No pressure on Fromm means surgery by Fromm.  He's not going to amaze anyone with his obvious skills but every pass was on the mark.

4.  The game was closer than the score would suggest.  The Vols have some talent, they just need execution, experience, depth, and commitment, and to retain enthusiasm at 1-4.  I think they upset someone this year, not Bama.  As Drew noted, that MSU game may indeed be a reflection of where they stand.

5.  The running game was mostly absent which makes Mauer's performance the more credible.


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