LSU/AU is not devoid of craziness, with many of the games since expansion earning and deserving a nickname. It took one of those crazy weekends where half of the top 10 teams were determined to lose (there seems to be one of those every year), the mojo on the sidelines of the 2007 team and Les who were honored at halftime, and a couple of no-call blocks in the back on Chark’s punt return….but Auburn still has no wins in Death Valley this century.

Poor Auburn…..still can’t party like it’s 1999.

Hey Barn, if your last win in Baton Rouge were a person, she’d be in college right now. Cheering for LSU.

Hard to imagine Malzahn getting outcoached by Orgeron, but it happened. The decision to go for it on 4th and goal instead of taking the points, and to kick the long FG later in the game both worked out. Meanwhile Gus, not going for it on 4th and 1 later on was mystifying. Then late, going for it on 4th and 10 deep in your own territory instead of punting away with all your timeouts with enough clock left….both those calls had to be infuriating for Auburn fans.

Speaking of the 2007 team, maybe you’d have to be an LSU fan to notice, but did anyone catch that Gage’s diving TD at the end of the half closely mirrored Demetrius Byrd’s epic game winner at the end of the ’07 Auburn game? Same spot on the field, same route, same corner of the endzone. Byrd was going nuts on the sidelines.

In conclusion, suck it Auburn. Those cigars will haunt you forever. TK, if you’re out there, because of the return of the ’07 team and the 20-0 Q1 score, I dub this The Comeback.