Northwestern football builds camaraderie with competitive dizzy bat

8:32 am | April 16, 2018 | Go to Source | Author: Joshua Needelman

Northwestern won 10 games last season, so the Wildcats’ coaching staff must be doing something right — unusual practice drills included. That includes dizzy bat.

Yes, dizzy bat. That staple of house parties across the United States, where participants are tasked with placing their head on a bat and spinning around until – until, well, they are deemed dizzy enough. It’s unclear how such a skill would relate to playing football. But, again, don’t question Northwestern’s methods. The Wildcats won more games last season than Big Ten foes Iowa, Michigan, Purdue, Rutgers, Minnesota, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota and Illinois.

With that in mind, enjoy the video below:

Some of the rules here are unclear. How many times were players required to spin around? What were they tasked with eating afterwards? (Check the video: I can’t figure it out). What did the winning team earn?

Hopefully we’ll get the answers to these questions some day. And hopefully no Wildcats players are still feeling dizzy.

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