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Topic: Pac 12 Hot Seats

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Re: Pac 12 Hot Seats
« Reply #14 on: October 22, 2017, 09:30:27 AM »
The surprising success of the Arizona schools have cooled the seats of Graham and RichRod.

But Mora Jr has work to do. The Bruins collapse last week Vs an Arizona team they usually truck over was dampened a bit by yesterday's strong showing against an Oregon program that usually gives Mora Jr's team fits. Especially uplifting is the defense only allowing 320 yds (200 yds less than their 523 yds/game ave) and the all out domination in the 2nd half, outscoring the Ducks 17-0 to break open a 14-14 halftime tie. As Josh Rosen stated in the post-presser "it was a good team win."

Next week UCLA gets a Washington team that will be hungry to recover from the shock loss Vs Arizona State. Their closing four games are equal parts winnable and losable with @UTAH, Vs ASU, @SC, and Vs Cal. Going 2-2 and winning the Bowl to finish 7-6 is good enough for Dan Guerrero because he's too lazy to go looking for a new coach this late in the wane of his AD tenure and UCLA doesn't want to deal with Mora Jr's criminally high buyout.

Really looking forward to ASU @ UCLA in a few weeks.

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