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Author Topic: What we have learned this season ...  (Read 43 times)

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What we have learned this season ...
« on: November 26, 2018, 08:20:52 AM »
Kentucky - Might have his their upper limit for a season, but a solid season it was, pay attention to their OL and how much they lose next season.  The loss to UT was befuddling in a way.

Florida - Has a decent base of talent except at QB.  A good QB would make them a real threat, and they will find one eventually, maybe soon.  A good year winwise especially is they could snag a bowl win, but might be facing a really good opponent.  

Tennessee - Really "up and down" though the ups may be more due to opposition malfeasance than competence.  Not near being competitive yet, will take time to rebuild the lines.  Still, better than 0-8 in conference, and their slate next year is easier.

South Carolina - About where we figured.  Middlin' team with some middlin' talent.

Missouri - With a top level QB can be dangerous, but not consistent, still a solid campaign, but they lose a lot.

Georgia - About as expected, they seem to be in reload mode now no matter who goes pro, but they miss Roquan Smith.

Vandy - A BOWL team and beat Tenn 3 in a row.  A very solid outing, but they don't want Bama.


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