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Author Topic: IF you had the ear of a former Division 1A HC....  (Read 290 times)

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IF you had the ear of a former Division 1A HC....
« on: February 20, 2018, 05:07:38 PM »
(....some habits are hard to break... yes, Div1A)

what would you ask them?

...... not a specific coach, mind you, but just general questions?

as an example and in no particular order (ignoring 'lead in' in other words) :

- do you recruit for your scheme or does your roster dictate your scheme?  How long does it take to make the transition from 'what you have' to 'what you want', and do players you've 'inherited' suffer?

- do coaches see the tiers fans see?  would you be comfortable calling up a prior recent national championship coach and expect to be given opportunity to talk?

- when you're bidding out for coordinators, what do you look for?  how much 'hands on' do you have with the way they coach or what they implement? is that something ironed out prior or is it a work in progress (and dependent/tied into the first question)?

- what type of expectations do you have of your team on a timeline? I've heard it said, depending on tier and past recruiting success (recruiting parts for your scheme) coupled with the back office's 'scheduling' of games now and in the future, that there are some seasons 'circled' where demands are made of you... can you elaborate on this process if it exists?

- what are the kinds of relationships you have with recruiting sources?  Do you have preferred HS's?  Do you rely on networks and those coaches approaching you?  Do you leverage Alum? how about present student assistants?  

y'all see where i'm coming from?

What would you ask?

if you're interested in this little operation, please visit to contribute!!! thanks y'all!!!
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