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Topic: 'Send Topic' Mail function

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'Send Topic' Mail function
« on: February 01, 2018, 07:05:22 PM »
when i first launched this place the mail worked great... and then we moved it to a dedicated stack of servers in a cloud configuration... and technology left me six car lengths and an aircraft carrier behind the learning curve. 

in my defense, it was a lot more complicated than it sounds- running scripts on my server side was righteous- but i couldn't figure out why they just didn't work!!!

turns out..... it wasn't on my end... it's due to a popular mod on just about all server builds that straight up stiff-arms script (php) driven mail... so after trying everything under the sun to figure it out, taking the carpet out from under this site at least half a dozen times over the past week as the environment choked on my home brewed scripts trying to force mails through... 

all just so the function "send topic" works... it's been on the back burner a long time.  

well.... as of twenty minutes ago- i whooped it. 

you guys can now send topics via the 'send topic' function, and enjoy a stable forum at the same time...   


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