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Title: 2 Feb!!!! heads up, big update inbound
Post by: Drew4UTk on February 02, 2019, 05:15:08 PM
there is an update resting on the server tonight that MAY have great impact here- or may not... it may be as simple a pressing a button and 'no impact other than up to date' or the code reading engine may require me to alter lines and lines of code to comply.  Others have done it and haven't reported any problems.  I'm hoping we're one of those rather than the few that have encountered issues.  


I like the picture at the top, and so does the search engines.  so it's staying, HOWEVER, i DON'T like (and don't know if any of you all have noticed) that it covers too much on pages other than the main page.  So... I intend to make it visible ONLY on the main page.  that should be easy- the update mentioned may not be. 

heads up- do the 'shift+refresh' thing again on Sunday or whenever you visit the page again.  Hopefully this will be no big deal.