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Topic: preferred sports writers?

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preferred sports writers?
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:12:51 AM »
I've been struggling with the feed/aggregate part of the publisher for a long time.  I'll find a feed and it will look promising, and then they'll either drop off the face of the planet or change their feed URL and make me go looking for them.  I've noticed, though, that specific writer's, as opposed to others aggregating (i.e. associated press, usa today, yahoo, fox, even SI and ESPN) don't seem to suffer these issues.  

it also occurred to me this morning that i don't have to do this alone- shooting in the dark in hopes that y'all will like the content... It finally occurred to me that you guys likely already have preferred writers.  

if i'm right^, can y'all provide me their names (and if possible, their RSS URL?) ... for instance, I have 'the score' on my phone which i read all the time- so, i nav'd over to their website and went looking for the writers... once an article is found, and the author listed below the title, there is usually an rss icon which takes you to that specific writer's rss feed... that is what i'd like to have for the writer's y'all prefer... i'll include them in the aggregate part of the publisher and show their articles here.  

any contributions?

thanks, y'all.  


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