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Topic: Week 7 Showcase: Incident at the Red River

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Week 7 Showcase: Incident at the Red River
« on: October 13, 2017, 02:32:16 PM »
I've been busy, lately, so this comes at you at the last hour... I lost last week, making my season a somewhat ill-conceived 5/2... my only defense is "i haven' chose anything easy"... 

Red River always offers us something different and outside of expectations- making it a just plain stupid idea to choose it.  But that's what I'm going to do, short and sweet:

Texas's O can likely plant 21-35 points on Okey's D.  Their D can likely hold Okey's O between 35~49.  This doesn't look good for Texas, but..... this game ought to be fraught with 'intangibles'.  I wager those intangible points to be in the 14~21point range.  These are the things that make these games awesome to watch, and that is precisely what I'll do- without expectations on who get's the lion's share of intangibles.  

my gut tells me:

28~41 Texas
35~42 OU

that give's OU the edge, except for those 'loose' intangibles- and that, by my reckoning, is what will make the difference.... I think Texas wins this one regardless of clairvoyant activities of intestines... and i wager it'll be a barn burner coming down to minutes and inches.  41-38 Texas over Oklahoma in the upset.   


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