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Topic: Week 6 CFB51 Showcase Game: 'Canes @ $SU

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Week 6 CFB51 Showcase Game: 'Canes @ $SU
« on: October 04, 2017, 07:58:23 PM »
  It would feel a lot more normal if Nebraska vs Wiscy was a big deal.  I'd even take the in-state rivalry of MichSt vs UM... There is pretty much zero fascination with Bama rolling into College Station, except for the honoring of Coach Gene Stallings.  That's cool.  

 We gotta reach back a few years since the last time Miami has stomped into Tallahassee and slapped those Seminoles.  The last time Miami beat the Noles in Tallahassee was the last time the Canes beat the Noles, period... 2009... That is quite a run.... Richt ain't no Golden, and he ain't no Scott, though.  He's a great man an a good coach.  He's traveling the Canes with a 3 point Vegas favor.  

... that's if the weather doesn't get involved. 

Straight to the punching bag, here, and putting my 5-1 record at risk:

Play selection for FSU is as balanced as you can desire- running 96 times and passing 93 on the season with the QB hanging a 123 rating... uh- wait a sec, Miami has pretty much that too- running 95 to 93 passes with a QB rating of  (!SNAP!) 167... Do y'all see something there?  I do... But let's look at the defenses they've faced before we get silly. 

FSU lost to Bama and NC State.  Neither team is a push-over.  Their win over Wake isn't that special.  Miami has won every game they've played with the smartest trophy being Duke.  Did I say smart and Miami in the same sentence?  I think I did... huh... 

FSU struggles on O.. their D is the truth, though.  Miami hasn't demonstrated finesse nor power on O, and the Criminoles should be able to mug them.  I could see the U scoring as much as 17 total on a good day, and negotiate 10 out of them on a bad day. 

Miami's D should get a boost of confidence out of facing the Noles Offense.  There ought to be some stunt, there.  I still think FSU can hang 17~24 on them, though.

...and I wouldn't be surprised to see a defensive score (or two) here, and both Crimi'Nole's larceny's.  That kind of intangible is difficult to claim, so... I'll leave it on the table.  Let's just say the FSU D will put the Noles in great position to score 6 on freebies.  

and that is the tale of this tape... 

Miami 10~17
'Noles  17~31

the experience of Bama and NC State's D (not that they're comparable) is enough to have the Noles, at home, ready to face the 'Canes.... so long as a tropical depression doesn't intervene, right? 



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