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Topic: 2020 Offseason Stream of Unconciousness

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Re: 2020 Offseason Stream of Unconciousness
« Reply #2786 on: Today at 06:04:27 PM »
When one is curious, one can learn all sorts of trivia.


We have stayed a couple of times at the hotel in Versailles where all this was hammered out, the Trianon Palace it's called, it's actually part of the Hilton network oddly enough.  I recall pulling up behind a Bugatti and a Rolls in my rented Peugot ...  I would like to do that in a 'Vette some time.


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Re: 2020 Offseason Stream of Unconciousness
« Reply #2787 on: Today at 06:49:50 PM »

they had burned the church and our Pres was making a "were still here" gesture

While it was burned, saying "they had burned the church" seems like it removes some of the vital context. Not that a basement fire that was quickly put out is a positive, but it wasn't exactly catastrophe. 

Oh, and unfortunately the priests were not still there. While the CIC has the right to go where he wants, that ran over a bit on clergy who were gassed out.  


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