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Topic: Zero accountability

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Zero accountability
« on: May 03, 2018, 11:05:47 AM »
Police are sent check on a 22 year old man, who's not being accused of a crime.  They break into his apartment and tase him to death... and nobody is held accountable.

Body camera video released after officers ruled justified in case where Taser used on man more than a dozen times

WEST MILWAUKEE -- Body camera footage released Wednesday, May 2 shows West Milwaukee police officers using a Taser on a man more than a dozen times. Adam Trammell, 22, later died.
The incident happened on May 25, 2017. The two officers involved were cleared of wrongdoing.
In the video, Officer Michael Rohleder and Anthony Munoz are seen walking up into an apartment building near 54th and Greenfield -- looking for Trammell -- responding to a report of a naked man speaking incoherently and flooding his apartment. They mistakenly called him Brandon. Police said he was combative.

Video: "Brandon? This is your last chance. We need you to open up to see if you're OK."
Video: "You're going to get tased."
Video: "Hit him again!"
Adam Trammell

Family members say Trammell suffered from mental illness. The officers found him in the shower. A Taser was used more than a dozen times. Trammell later died.
The Greenfield Police Department was tasked as the outside agency investigating the incident.

Officers cleared of wrongdoing in death of West Milwaukee man who died after being Tased

On Friday, April 27, the department released its findings, announcing the officers involved won't face criminal charges.
An autopsy determined Trammell died as a result of "excited delirium and the manner of death was undetermined."
Adam Trammell
Attorneys representing Trammell's family said they plan to file a civil rights lawsuit against the West Milwaukee Police Department.
Adam Trammell
Again -- this was the jurisdiction of the West Milwaukee Police Department. There has been some confusion about that on social media -- so much so that Milwaukee police had to tweet out a clarification Wednesday evening -- saying questions need to be directed at WMPD.

Milwaukee Police


MPD has received several tweets/messages regarding the death of Adam Trammell. Milwaukee Police were not involved in this. Please contact the West Milwaukee Police Department regarding the incident.

3:05 PM - May 2, 2018

WARNING: The video below shows the actual police encounter with Adam Trammell. It is graphic and viewer discretion is strongly advised. It is not suitable for anyone under age 18.

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