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Topic: The Woke-ing Dead and the Futility of Reason

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The Woke-ing Dead and the Futility of Reason
« on: August 10, 2020, 09:17:40 PM »
Hey Guys — Tim Stratton links his blogs on a facebook group I’m part of.  He’s worthwhile.  Very worthwhile.

Here’s a link, and my response (shout out to Drew4UTk for the "defense to offense" transformation):


Excellent, Tim. As usual. Thank you for fighting the good fight of faith and reason.
I made the same “zombie” connection while watching these ongoing riots. There is a certain threshold, a critical mass in terms of numbers, whereby the self-loathing Godless nihilism that these poor souls have been ceaselessly inculcated with since the onset of their awareness, becomes an instantly-transmitted mindless rage and hostility.

This is the state of the spiritually dead, absent any vestige of reason or rationality. It may even be a precursor of the eternal state of the damned; they may exist in a sub-human state that they prefer to the redeemed state that they rejected, and have contempt for.

I’ve also used a “Gremlins” analogy: 60, 50 — perhaps even as recently as 40 — years ago, these darlings were cute little “Mogwais”, a fringe of a fringe. Colorful eccentrics inhabiting the humanities departments of academia, the coffee houses of Greenwhich Village and clubs of the Sunset Strip, and later the mosh pits of Punk Rock venues.

But the Covid insanity and BLM fraud has acted like the water that turns Mogwais into uncontrollable — and uncontrollably fierce and demonic — Gremlins.
Of grave concern is what will happen if, and when, law-abiding, morals and values absolutist Red-staters have had enough, and switch from defense to offense against these radically perverse and subversive insurrectionists.

It is at that point that the American experiment, and civil society as we know it, comes to an end. Which will be very interesting, if you consider Mogadishu or Kandahar “interesting”.

And entertaining, too. If you’re entertained by the endless “Apocalypse” (both “zombie” and non) scenarios Hollywood has conditioned us with over the last 20 years or so.

I would be remiss to leave out that while these “zombies” are a mindless mob, en masse; individually, they bear the stamp of God’s image, and are subject to being redeemed into eternal beings of light and love. My fear — perhaps the topic of another discussion — is that we, as a society, are being hard-wired by endless digital interaction, social media, etc., to a point where many will be unable to entertain spiritual considerations, and incapable of receiving the gift of grace available to us all.


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