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Topic: Some people are simply unhinged

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Some people are simply unhinged
« on: November 07, 2019, 12:58:09 AM »
They can't separate politics from humanity ever.
Really sad actually....


MICHAEL GRAHAM: Physicians, heal thy hate. “That’s right: Melania Trump literally came to Boston to give hugs to sick babies, and progressives still protested. Doctors, nurses and medical professionals. At what point do your politics pollute your mind so much that you can’t see how wrong it is to bring your hate to a hospital? Protesting the president? I get that. Protesting a cabinet secretary like HHS’s Alex Azar, who was at BMC yesterday, too? Sure. Go for it. But the first lady? While she visits drug-addicted infants in the neonatal ward? What’s next — pushing little old ladies wearing MAGA hats into oncoming traffic?”

David Gudeman • 
Democrats won't let Republicans eat at nice restaurants or visit hospitals in Left-wing cities for the same reason Democrats wouldn't let black people eat at white restaurants or go to white schools. Back then, they were trying to enforce the idea that blacks were lower-class people, not fit to mingle with whites. Today they are trying to establish that Republicans are lower-status people, not fit to mingle with the Enlightened. Democrats in earlier days would have done the same to the black wife of a president. The fact that she was black would have overruled all other considerations.


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