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Topic: Matt Taibbi

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Matt Taibbi
« on: August 04, 2020, 03:54:35 AM »
He's pretty accurate once again - an honest liberal.


Kansas Should Go F--- Itself
Author Thomas Frank predicted the modern culture war, and he was right about Donald Trump, but don’t expect political leaders to pay attention to his new book about populism

And I think this assessment is pretty good as well:


Defenestratus •
Taibbi is on the verge of being red-pilled - were it not for the fact that he seems to buy into too many of the false narratives of leftist orthodoxy. But he gets it. The meme of Trump sitting in a chair, pointing at the camera saying "In reality, they're after you. I'm just in the way." is so damned prescient its scary.

Every time I try to tune into some media production of some kind, I'm constantly reminded of how much the purveyors of this media think I'm just a backwards-ass rube. I go to a basketball game where there's kneeling during the national anthem and display of the flag. The same flag my grandfathers fought for over Italy and the Pacific. I see them glorify violence against police as justified, when my friend's husband just got out of the hospital after he had a rock hit him in the head while on the riot-line with his fellow officers in Charlotte. I see Christianity mocked and impugned (and I'm not even a practicing Christian!!!) with no regard whatsoever, while there is an entire religion full of zealots who just want to kill us but criticism of them is forbidden. What am I supposed to think? I get told that people who own firearms are just crazy "gun nuts". I get told that I'm a racist if I don't put up a sign in my front yard. I get told every goddamned day that I'm a bad, hateful person - when the reality of the situation is anything but. I don't wear it on my sleeve and I don't brag about it - I live by the mantra of "the definition of a good person is doing the right thing when nobody is looking."

But you know what, I need these forces arrayed against me. The motivation it gives me almost every day to prove them wrong animates my brain and muscles to keep fighting for what I think is right. I have my eeyore days for sure - a lot more of them lately than usual - but it's still amazing to wake up every day and just win - knowing that there's an entire swath of my countrymen who want me to fail, get in line and bend the knee.

Jon •
Taibbi does seem to have had a moment of awarness, since he wrote:

Even worse was the basically unbroken string of insults emanating from pop culture (including from magazines like Rolling Stone: I was very guilty of this) describing life between the cities as a prole horror peopled by obese, Bible-thumping dolts who couldn’t navigate aThai menu and polished gun lockers instead of reading.

Republicans may have controlled government at the time, but when they turned on TV sets or looked up at movie screens, their voters felt accused of something just for living in little towns, raising kids, and visiting church on Sundays. What’s the matter, they were asking, with that?

He and Glenn Greenwald still think the U.S. surveillance system is a horror show, but their eyes were opened (Greenwald's first) starting in the Obama years that the Dems didn't hate the NSA, CIA or FBI -- they just hated them unless they were in control of them. From there, Taibbi's more and more seen how awful his one-time allies are, even as he struggles with himself to try and remain on the left.


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