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Topic: Black people, not Gary Patterson, owe black people an apology

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Black people, not Gary Patterson, owe black people an apology
« on: August 06, 2020, 07:02:14 AM »
Jason Whitlock has been on fire of late....



Our adoption of the word as some sort of sacred privilege is the ultimate example of Stockholm Syndrome, a victim sympathizing with his captor. If you enslave the mind, enslaving the body becomes unnecessary.

Our minds are enslaved. We’ve adopted the language and behavior of the KKK. We’ve normalized and accepted terror attacks by black street gangs. We value the actions and opinions of white people above our own. We enforce intellectual restrictions on each other. We use anecdotal examples of negative behavior to make broad, racist generalizations about groups of people.

BLM is the black sister organization of the KKK.

When Dylan Jordan complained over Twitter that Gary Patterson used the n-word, he slapped a #BLM hashtag on his post. Jordan’s initial post unintentionally created the impression that Patterson called him the n-word. Jordan and several of his teammates skipped Monday’s practice in protest of Patterson’s use of the word.

Some people now consider it racist for a white person to ask a black person not to use the word nigga.

Some black people, like members of the KKK, take enormous pride, satisfaction and delight in their use of the n-word. It’s very similar to the pride, satisfaction and delight many black gang members and rappers take in bragging about killing niggas.

Football coaches across America, never again apologize for standing against the n-word. You’re doing God’s work.


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